GISC: Integrated Football Club / Webscouting 2.0

In 2009, thanks to the will and interest of 'AC. ChievoVerona had the idea of ​​an information system 'made to measure' that would cover a 360 ° all the activities of a professional football club.

The issues are all addressed by analyzing those directly affected the state of things, possible simplifications and improvements of the procedure 'semi-manual' out and to the objectives of the new information system will reach.

Considering the peculiarity, and in some cases the 'sensitivity' of the processed data, you decide to differentiate different application modules in parallel areas of interest and is designed security system customized for each user based on their duties.

Is first made in the form 'members' followed closely by module 'Secretariat' and module 'Championships' to allow complete management of all teams, by category, from the world of youth from the spring chicks. Are well managed master data, championships, tournaments, score boxes of matches, statistics, notes on opposing teams and individual players met, the monthly and weekly planning meetings and training sessions, etc.. In later modules are made for the area 'Medical' , the management of the 'Material' and the optimization of 'Transportation' for training of 'future champions'.

One item worth about the module 'Technical Area' where, born on the basis of professional coaches, You can accomplish the technical and athletic training for each, draw and catalog the exercises based on primary and secondary objectives and, in final, achieve statistical workload for each area of ​​the field or single-player.

Also, the operation of the first team is benefit in using the system both as regards the standard management contracts both as regards the management and the calculation of the variable premiums, based on goals scored or the minutes played, as well as various statistics. It 'also possible logging of any kind of documents relating to the individual practitioner.

One of the most strategic modules of the project shall be addressed and solved brilliantly with the scouting staff of the AC. ChievoVerona: comes in the form Observers. There are several ways of storing information that can be inserted and searched in the database of the company: depend on the formation of the same scout. We go from the complete computerization of the data, managing audio, the ability to store video, until you get to a management paper that is scanned and made available on the system.

Il modulo Osservatori testato ed implementato per parecchi anni, nel 2008 viene trasferito su piattaforma Internet: nasce WEBSCOUTING. Ma la tecnologia e le idee non si fermano… nel 2016 viene rilasciata l’attuale versione di WEBSCOUTING 2.0 che, oltre ad una nuova veste grafica , creazione di report in formato pdf, tramite l’accordo con un provider esterno, è in grado, a poche ore dalla fine del match di proporre in automatico il tabellino dell’incontro,con formazioni, modulo di gioco, cambi, risultati ecc. delle principali leghe mondiali. A testimonianza della validità del ‘metodo’ attualmente ATALANTA, TORINO F.C. ,CHIEVOVERONA, SPAL, CREMONESE, A.C. MONZA hanno una base dati con più di 70.000 relazioni che vengono analizzate per la ricerca dei futuri campioni !!