CALCIOWARE ver. A LITTLE For the amateur clubs.
CALCIOWARE is the tool that was missing, created on 'fit' for football clubs, allows a complete computerized management of its business.
CALCIOWARE ver. PRO For professional clubs.

The procedure has been developed to encourage complete computerized management of a football club. In the world of football organizational structures vary from company to company, from the most complex to the simplest; for this reason it was decided to structure the software in different application modules that can be enabled or not depending on your needs. The software is always changing so it is possible that it can be extended with new modules or features based on the requests received.

The Pro version includes some modules, in addition to those present in the Lite version, typical of the activities of professional clubs: the activity of Scouting at all levels, the recording activity of doping and the management and rehabilitation of injuries by medical staff. Functions are also provided for data synchronization with the procedure Scouting Web for the development of statistics and reports.

If we consider a society of professional football ,or a company of Scouting, as a real company with a product - players - and a market of messages and contacts, management 'computerized' information becomes a strategic tool for the fast and accurate search of the 'products' offered by the market. The primary objective is to provide a tool for management and centralized control of information, found by agents of the market when it occurs and observe a race, easy to use and fast with consultation and reporting tools.

The aim is to provide a tool for management and centralized control of information obtained by the observers when testing and observe a race, simple to use and available on any platform Web (including iPad, smartphone, etc.). For each race you can enter, well as the date and the location where it was held , the form of play adopted by the two companies giving each player position in your field, notes on the meeting, bills, replacements and specific comments on the individual player, ricerche mirate e analisi dei dati completano la procedura.

Professional activity is carried out under strict medical supervision established by the Federation and approved by the Ministry of Health. For every professional athlete should be drawn up a PHR to update at least every six months by the sports club. In the field of health protection of particular interest and importance is the problem of doping: There is no obligation for the responsible companies to take note of the sport and of reporting to employees of the doping control all the assumptions of drugs or biologically or pharmacologically active. And 'possible to monitor accidents / illnesses planning activities to plan recovery time and appropriate treatment. E 'can also catalog and file any document which reports of blood tests, ultrasound etc..